fertilizer granulating machine with higher pressure to make granules

Organic fertilizer granulating machine is a cubage measuring feeding equipment; the fertilizer granulating machine supplies materials to the next procedure evenly and continuously; at the same time, it can bear relatively higher pressure.
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disk granulating machine is a fine powdery material feeder suitable for non-cohesive materials like coal powder, cement, chamotte, limestone, shale, gangue and clunch. It is widely used in gold concentrator, coal mine, chemical plant, construction and foundry for quantitative and even feeding.
Organic fertilizer granulation use organic sludge, chicken manure, straw after fermentation as raw materials.
1Mixed feed granulation With corn flour, grass meal, soybean meal as raw material
2Deodorization sterile efficient fertilizer with livestock and poultry manure, city life garbage by microbial fermentation technology
manure pellet mill can be applied to crude fibre granulation, rice husk, cotton seed, construction waste, etc.
disc granulation machine is widely used in transporting powdery, beaded or small state of all kinds of viscous material, such as coal, cement, clinker, fertilizer and other materials.


1. The disk angle is designed with circular arc structure. Hence, the granulation rate may reach 93% or above.
2. The disk of our ball shape disc granulator is designed with three discharging holes,
which is convenient for intermittent production work. This largely reduces labor intensity and increases working efficiency.
3. The reducer and motor of our ball shape disc granulator are both driven by flexible belt,
which ensures stable start, reduced impact force and longer service life.
4. Disc bottom is reinforced by multi-strip radiation steel plates, so it is wear resistant, durable and will never deform.
5. Thickened and strengthened granulator-base provides our disc pelletizer with stable operation.
Therefore, our disc pelletizer is no need to be fixed by foundation bolts. 
organic fertilizer granules