fertilizer pellet making machine,fertilizer pellet machine

introduction of fertilizer pellet making machine

This fertilizer pellet making machine is suitable for the material that have 10-30% nutrient.

And this fertilizer pellet making machine has many characteristic of high rate, round grain, easy to operate and maintain.

Stable moving on the traps of reducer and motor extend the life span of the pan granulator machine.

Granulation pan adopts whole arc Angle structure with granulation rate of 93%.

Granulation pan has three outlets which facilitate the material production operation

and will greatly continuously reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.

Reducer and motor uses flexible belt drive, so it starts smoothly, slows wallop

and improve equipment lifespan. The bottom of granulation pan adopts multiterm radiation

steel strengthening,

Advantage of fertilizer pellet making machine:

1.The angle of granulation disk adopts the whole round arc structure, which can make sure the rate of granulation is up to 93% and even above it.

2. Granulation disk has three discharging holes which are convenient for intermittent production, thus can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

3.this fertilizer pellet making machine is used to make organic fertilizer,if you want to make compound fertilizer,we have rotary drum granulator