compound/organic fertilizer granulation machine for fertilizer industry plant

introduction of fertilizer granulation machine:

1. The whole  fertilizer granulation machine has advaced technology, easy operation,and less investment

2. the fertilizer granulation machine can produce all kinds of granule including organic, compound fertilizer,and so on

3. Moisture is pretty much lower using this machine to produce fertilizer

4. The diameter of the granule is 2--6mm and 2.8--10mm

5.Trays and trays used granulation overall arc angle structure, into tablets rate of more than 93%.

6.Granulating disc material I have three for continuous production, greatly reduced labor intensity, labor efficiency increased.

7.Motor reducer with the use of flexible belt transmission, a smooth start-up and slow down impact, improve equipment service life.

8.Granulation trays and trays at the end of steel plate used to strengthen a number of radiation, sturdiness and durability

With advanced technology and the advantages of reasonable design, compact, innovative and practical, low consumption, double-roll granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer production line and can be matched with other machine or be used separately. fertilizer granulation machine can be used for the continuous, mechanizedcompound production line of annual output of 150,000 tons or 30,000tons. Adopting no-drying process, normal temperature production, one time granulating, fertilizer granulation machine is a new generation product of saving energy-saving and consumption-reducing used in all kinds of compound fertilizer industry.