wide application of animal manure and compost

wide application of animal manure and compost

As discussed above, some of the N in fresh manure will be lost to the atmosphere during application in the form of ammonia gas. The higher the ammonium-N fraction is in manure, the more prone it is to ammonia volatilization. animal Manure should be incorporated within 12 hours of application to avoid excessive ammonia losses. Unincorporated manure will supply the organic N fraction and at most 20% of the ammonium-N fraction. Incorporation of composted manure is not as critical, because the N is stabilized in organic compounds with little free ammonium present. However, in order to obtain full benefit from compost, incorporation is recommended whenever possible. Manure and compost are often high in soluble salts, so to avoid salt injury seeding operations should take place about 3 to 4 weeks after application.

equipment of processing animal manure and compost

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3.The output of the particles low water content, easy to dry. 

4.At the same time and the production of feed particles can be, fill granulating machinery field multi-usage domestic blank.