how to reduce the cost of making fertilizers

when we make compound fertilizers by rotary drum granulator, Urea are the main element,but urea prices are getting more and more expensive. we are facing pressure.

Fertilizer prices were already under pressure this summer because of the global demand lacking and crop falling prices. Now there's potential to accelerate, after news the cartel out of the former Soviet Union has collapsed. That could make the market already slow for fall bookings, because suppliers are waiting for the dust to settle

Urea prices were steady on international benchmarks this week, with no indications yet that the small bump in July signals a big increase in prices. Swaps suggest just the opposite, with quotes into the end of 2013 $4.50 lower than the spot of $321 at the Gulf. The current wholesale costs suggest retail prices around $420 to $440, with fundamentals pointing to $455.

but although the urea prices increase,but we can use free organic materials like animal manure,human waste mixing urea to make organic fertilizer by disc granulator,thus we can buy less urea to save our cost. 

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