drum granulator for making compound fertilizer

Rotary drum granulator application
As the one of the key equipments in fertilizer industry, rotary drum granulator is applicable to cold, heat, and guniting and ammoniated granulation and big scale fertilizer production of high, medium and low concentration.

Rotary drum granulator advantages
The cylinder body adopts special stainless steel or rubber plate lining structure. It can remove scar and peel burl automatically this compound fertilizer granulator has the advantages of high intensity of granule, high production, erosion proof, abrasion proof, low energy consumption, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance

working principle of rotary drum granulator

After these solid fertilizer particles enter into the drum granulator, they will make rotating movement under functions of gravity, centrifugal force, and friction force between fertilizers. With the rotary movement of the drum granulator, Then the coating layers become thicker and thicker until produced materials are granulated into required dimensions

if you would like to make animal manure organic fertilizer granules, we recommend you to use fertilizer disc granulator

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