Drum Screening Machine used in fertilizer production line to separate granules

 Drum fertilizer Screening Machine is commonly used in the fertilizer production line to separate the finished granules from the returning material. fertilizer drum screening machine can also classsify final products.the drum screening machine adopts combined screen which is easy to maintain and replace.this fertilizer machine has advantages of simple structure, small size, and easy operation and smooth  performance. drum screening machine is special screening equipment produced by our company for the power plant, coking plant, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, moning and other industries. It overcomes blockage on the mesh when vibrating sieve separatesrelatively wet materials to improve screening output and reliability
This drum screening machine adopts the integrated screen which is easy for repair and replacement.This machine is easy to operate and works steadily .

Features of drum screening machine
1.the fertilizer drum screening machineHigh screening ratio. With the plate type screen clearing design and the relative movement of the screen and frame of the machine, during screening process, the material will not clog the screen no matter how sticky and wet it is.
2.the fertilizer drum screening machineGood working environment. It can prevent  dust from polluting the environment.
3.Low noise.
4. Long service life and high quality 

fertilizer screening machine drum screening machine