to make your own homemade organic fertilizers

organic fertilizer is getting more and more popular for farm crops,it is better than compound fertilizer which destroys the soil structure,but how to make organic fertilizers? what kind of equipment should we use? we supply you best organic fertilizer granulator machine--disc granulator

Because my garden supplies about half of my family's yearly food intake, I do all I can to maximize my vegetables' nutritional quality. Based on considerable research and more than 30 years of vegetable growing, I have formulated a homemade fertilizing mix that works great in most food gardens. I call it Complete Organic Fertilizer, or COF. It is a potent, correctly balanced mixture composed entirely of natural substances. It's less expensive than similar commercially compounded organic fertilizers, and it's much better for your soil life than harsh synthetic chemical mixes (see "Chemical Cautions" below).

Gypsum plaster minimum is essential, but it contains sulfur, which is deficient in many vital nutrient grass land. Gypsum seems to prove too costly or too hard to find, do not worry too much about - simply double the quantity of alcohol of agricultural lime. If you can get a bag of lime, in most circumstances, the best choice would be the ordinary agricultural lime. Nutrient in the soil is the most fundamental reason to get your right balance of calcium and magnesium;

from the above, we analysis the organic fertilizer in details,our pan granulator with high quality will help you to make good looking and high strength organic fertilzier granules.