fertilizer granulation machine,fertilizer pan granulator

fertilizer granulating machine is one of common equipments in compound fertilizer industry. Generally, it is applicable to smaller scale fertilizer production of medium and low concentration. 

The slope degree of its pan can be adjusted from 40 degree to 55 degree(40 ° - 55 °).

The disk angle of the fertilizer granulation machine is arc granulating ratio is over 93%.

Flexible straps turn motor and reducer steadily,which improve life.The bottom is supported by several armor plate solidly.Firm padestel runs balancedly.

Material moisture need 20-30%.This equipment can make cattle feces. Straw. Leaves. Biological waste into green, organic fertilizers.this pan Granulater is suitable for the material that have 10-30% nutrient

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fertilizer pellet making machine,fertilizer pellet machine

introduction of fertilizer pellet making machine

This fertilizer pellet making machine is suitable for the material that have 10-30% nutrient.

And this fertilizer pellet making machine has many characteristic of high rate, round grain, easy to operate and maintain.

Stable moving on the traps of reducer and motor extend the life span of the pan granulator machine.

Granulation pan adopts whole arc Angle structure with granulation rate of 93%.

Granulation pan has three outlets which facilitate the material production operation

and will greatly continuously reduce labor intensity and improve labor efficiency.

Reducer and motor uses flexible belt drive, so it starts smoothly, slows wallop

and improve equipment lifespan. The bottom of granulation pan adopts multiterm radiation

steel strengthening,

Advantage of fertilizer pellet making machine:

1.The angle of granulation disk adopts the whole round arc structure, which can make sure the rate of granulation is up to 93% and even above it.

2. Granulation disk has three discharging holes which are convenient for intermittent production, thus can greatly reduce the labor intensity and improve working efficiency.

3.this fertilizer pellet making machine is used to make organic fertilizer,if you want to make compound fertilizer,we have rotary drum granulator

compound/organic fertilizer granulation machine for fertilizer industry plant

introduction of fertilizer granulation machine:

1. The whole  fertilizer granulation machine has advaced technology, easy operation,and less investment

2. the fertilizer granulation machine can produce all kinds of granule including organic, compound fertilizer,and so on

3. Moisture is pretty much lower using this machine to produce fertilizer

4. The diameter of the granule is 2--6mm and 2.8--10mm

5.Trays and trays used granulation overall arc angle structure, into tablets rate of more than 93%.

6.Granulating disc material I have three for continuous production, greatly reduced labor intensity, labor efficiency increased.

7.Motor reducer with the use of flexible belt transmission, a smooth start-up and slow down impact, improve equipment service life.

8.Granulation trays and trays at the end of steel plate used to strengthen a number of radiation, sturdiness and durability

With advanced technology and the advantages of reasonable design, compact, innovative and practical, low consumption, double-roll granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer production line and can be matched with other machine or be used separately. fertilizer granulation machine can be used for the continuous, mechanizedcompound production line of annual output of 150,000 tons or 30,000tons. Adopting no-drying process, normal temperature production, one time granulating, fertilizer granulation machine is a new generation product of saving energy-saving and consumption-reducing used in all kinds of compound fertilizer industry.

wide application of animal manure and compost

wide application of animal manure and compost

As discussed above, some of the N in fresh manure will be lost to the atmosphere during application in the form of ammonia gas. The higher the ammonium-N fraction is in manure, the more prone it is to ammonia volatilization. animal Manure should be incorporated within 12 hours of application to avoid excessive ammonia losses. Unincorporated manure will supply the organic N fraction and at most 20% of the ammonium-N fraction. Incorporation of composted manure is not as critical, because the N is stabilized in organic compounds with little free ammonium present. However, in order to obtain full benefit from compost, incorporation is recommended whenever possible. Manure and compost are often high in soluble salts, so to avoid salt injury seeding operations should take place about 3 to 4 weeks after application.

equipment of processing animal manure and compost

1."organic fertilizer granulator", in the absorption and digestion, from the domestic and foreign advanced 
particles machine based on the principle of, after much experiment, research, finally overcome existing graining 
production of fertilizer high-temperature sterilization, grain not free, dry difficult problem, developed the 
reasonable design, simple structure, normal temperature the bacteria, particle unimpeded new "biological organic fertilizer recycling", 

2.the end of the organic fertilizer machine difficult because of body easily spread, the ball harder to history. 

3.The output of the particles low water content, easy to dry. 

4.At the same time and the production of feed particles can be, fill granulating machinery field multi-usage domestic blank. 

how to reduce the cost of making fertilizers

when we make compound fertilizers by rotary drum granulator, Urea are the main element,but urea prices are getting more and more expensive. we are facing pressure.

Fertilizer prices were already under pressure this summer because of the global demand lacking and crop falling prices. Now there's potential to accelerate, after news the cartel out of the former Soviet Union has collapsed. That could make the market already slow for fall bookings, because suppliers are waiting for the dust to settle

Urea prices were steady on international benchmarks this week, with no indications yet that the small bump in July signals a big increase in prices. Swaps suggest just the opposite, with quotes into the end of 2013 $4.50 lower than the spot of $321 at the Gulf. The current wholesale costs suggest retail prices around $420 to $440, with fundamentals pointing to $455.

but although the urea prices increase,but we can use free organic materials like animal manure,human waste mixing urea to make organic fertilizer by disc granulator,thus we can buy less urea to save our cost. 

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drum granulator for making compound fertilizer

Rotary drum granulator application
As the one of the key equipments in fertilizer industry, rotary drum granulator is applicable to cold, heat, and guniting and ammoniated granulation and big scale fertilizer production of high, medium and low concentration.

Rotary drum granulator advantages
The cylinder body adopts special stainless steel or rubber plate lining structure. It can remove scar and peel burl automatically this compound fertilizer granulator has the advantages of high intensity of granule, high production, erosion proof, abrasion proof, low energy consumption, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance

working principle of rotary drum granulator

After these solid fertilizer particles enter into the drum granulator, they will make rotating movement under functions of gravity, centrifugal force, and friction force between fertilizers. With the rotary movement of the drum granulator, Then the coating layers become thicker and thicker until produced materials are granulated into required dimensions

if you would like to make animal manure organic fertilizer granules, we recommend you to use fertilizer disc granulator

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